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Code of Conduct

Longboat Roadrunners is a non-profit organization dedicated to pursuing the love of running.

All members shall:

  1. Treat others with respect and fairness
  • Members must behave in a manner that respects the rights, dignity and worth of others regardless of age, gender, culture, religion, disability, race, ethnicity or the group with which they identify; show respect and courtesy to other members, athletes, coaches, technical officials and others involved in the running community.
  1. Refrain from behaviour that constitutes harassment or sexual harassment
  • Name calling, bullying, offensive, abusive, degrading, malicious, sexist, racist, derogatory or hurtful behaviours are not allowed. Members should assume others have joined the run to run, not to find a date. Unwelcome sexual comments or sexual advances, sexist jokes or displays of sexually offensive materials are not allowed. Sexually explicit or violent material is not allowed on any Longboat website, social media site or other online forum.
  1. Refrain from discrimination and show leadership against discrimination
  • Every member has the right to fair and respectful participation in the Club and its activities. Acting without discrimination involves assessing individuals based on their unique attributes, skills, merits, capacities and circumstances. Making stereotypical assumptions based on a person’s presumed traits that result in others being excluded or prevented from excelling and enjoying the sport or community of running or participation in Club activities is not permitted.
  1. Create inclusive and safe environment
  • Club runs, activities and other events are organized so that all members feel welcome to participate, and everyone can strive towards their full potential and personal excellence in running. Members try to create safe environments which benefit everyone.
  1. Promote good sportsmanship and fair play
  • Members participate within the rules of the sport, respect decisions of coaches and officials and demonstrate respect towards fellow athletes.

Recognising the special nature of the coaching-athlete relationship, the Club’s coaches must meet standards in addition to the ones for all members. All coaches shall:

  1. Prioritise athletes’ health and safety
  • This means selecting training activities and methods that are suitable for the age, experience, ability, and fitness level of the member

 Commit to coaching excellence

  • This means keeping the best interests of their athletes in mind, not their own reputation or advancement; keeping informed and applying the latest advances in coaching theory/knowledge/methods; helping each person to reach their full running potential by encouraging them with positive and constructive feedback
  1. Refrain from the abuse of power of their position
  • This means any attempts to coerce an athlete to engage in inappropriate activities including any forms of emotional, psychological, financial or sexual exploitation are strictly prohibited.
  1. Support opportunities for participation in all types of running activities and competition
  • This means that coaches agree to publicise and welcome the participation of all members, not just the coach’s athletes, to activities/workouts/runs planned or organised by coaches (e.g., time trials, track workouts, long or extra runs outside of the regular scheduled runs); encouraging coached members to participate in all organized Club runs and activities (e.g., team cross-country races, relays, etc.)

Reporting a Breach

  • If you notice a member whose behaviour does not meet the Club’s Code of Conduct, contact the chair of the membership review committee with information about the situation. Violations of the Code can result in disciplinary action, such as termination of membership.

The full version of the Code of Conduct including definitions, examples and administrative details is available here.